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Structural design

Suncon Engineers Structural Design Services
Suncon Engineers Structural Design Services
Suncon Engineers, a leading and one of the bestStructural Design Consultants in Pune, Maharashtra India has vast experience in the field of Project Management Consultancy and Structural Design Consulting.Structural Design Consulting. Suncon Engineers have all the capability from technical skilled man power to technologically advanced tolls and equipments to carry below tasks:

1. Structural Drawings
2. Buildings
3. PSC Girder Bridge
4. Steel Girder
5. Industrial Building
6. Water Retaining Structure
7. CFC or Working Drawings

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In India even though detailed project report includes structural design, it is always advisable to prepare structural designs after approval of General arrangement drawings or it should be close to construction phase to avoid any changes in structural designs. After completion of land survey, soil investigation with geotechnical report and collection of secondary data, preliminary report is prepared, after approval of the report the structural design phase would be carried out by experienced structural designer. To ensure quality of work, we follow below methods of structural design.


  • Classical Method: for hand computation
                 1. Slope Deflection
                 2. Moment Distribution
                3. Three Moment Equation
                4. Kani’s Method
                5. Column Analogy
  • Numerical Methods: for computer algorithm
                1. Matrix Operation
                2. Finite Element Application
                3. Gauss Jordan/ Newton Rapson
                4. Eigen Solution
                5. Response Spectrum
  • Methodology of Static Analysis in STADD Geometric Modeling
                1. Material Properties
                 2. Sectional Properties
                3. Supports: Boundary Conditions
                4. Loads & Load combinations
                5. Special Commands
                6. Analysis Specification
    • Self Weight
                                 1. Joint Loads
                                 2. Concentrated Load & Moments
                                  3. Support Displacement Loads
  • Member Loads
                1. Uniform Force & Moment (Full / Partial) (d1, d2, d3)
                2. Concentrated Force & Moment (d1, d2)
                3. Floor Load & Area Load (new GX, GZ Floor Load)
                4. Linear Varying & Trapezoidal Load
                5. Pre-Stress / Post-Stress Load
                6. Hydrostatic Trapezoidal Load
                7. Temperature Load (x, y, z) Fixed End Load
  • Moving Loads :
                 1. Class-A
                2. Class-2A
                3. Class-3A
                4. Class-70R
                5. 25 T Loading
                6. 32.5 T Loading
    • Plate Element Loads
                                 1. Pressure (Full / Partial)
                                2. Concentrated Force (x, y)
                                3. Trapezoidal & Hydrostatic Trapezoidal Load
  • Surface Element Pressure Generated Loads
                1. Wind Load
                2. Seismic Co-efficient Method
                3. Moving Load
  • Dynamic Loads
                 1. Time History
                 2. Response Spectrum
  • Combined Effect of Loads
                1. Combination (Algebraic, SRSS, ABS)