Survey and mapping

To achieve higher standards of Structural Designs and Project Management Consultancy Report parameters, it’s always necessary to enhance the quality of Land Surveys and Soil Investigation methods which are basic needs of any Project Management Consultancy in India. For every infrastructure construction project, carrying out a survey of proposed site and furnishing the detailed engineering report is very much essential task.
Suncon Engineers uses all the latest technologies and equipments for the purpose of land survey and mapping to ensure high quality is maintained in work. Technology has helped Suncon Engineers to grow and bag elite clients. To know more about our survey & mapping work, refer projects section.

Survey Methodology:

We follow below mentioned Topographical/ Land Survey methodologies

1. Mobilization: This includes inspection of land survey site boundary and collection of secondary data. It covers collection of latitude and longitudes of points shown in land survey map. Fixing of tentative location of base line, start off meeting with client to convince the methodology, constraints and requirements from client.

2. Control Points: In land/ Engineering survey it is vital role of control points/ base lines/ traverse survey to achieve control on large surveys in roads, railways or areas. Application of high end instruments is necessary to achieve benchmarks like DGPS or 1’ (one second) accuracy total stations.

3. Spot leveling/ L-section/ X-section/ Area Survey: Grid survey, spot level interval mentioned in the contract, future land survey would be carried and with the help of digital level, auto level, dumpy level, total station, instruments and noted in electronic field bosh or in hard copy.

4. Collection of Details: Collection of details would be existing structures like buildings, temples, mosque, huts, utilities like water supply pipeline, sewerage network, storm water line, electric line, telephone line, gas line. Mapping of underground utilities is major aspect of land survey which has key role in implementation of project as well as project management consultancy.

5. Preparation of drawings : Drawing with the help of AutoCAD or similar software are prepared after downloading data from survey instruments like total station, digital level or GPS with layer management and consideration of client’s requirement. Area volume and lengths are worked out as per nature of project and digital terrain is developed on the basis of contours and elevation.

6. Quality assurance and quality control measures: To ensure quality, it is essential to verify the drawing at site to check accuracy of land survey, checking of traverse, baseline, benchmark, and control points is vital role in checking accuracy.

7. Final submission of report & drawings: At the end of the survey work and analysis we provide detailed engineering reports of land survey to our clients. We make sure all the guidelines and standards are met while preparing such important report.
Suncon Engineers Digital Land Survey And MappingSuncon Engineers Digital Land Survey And MappingSuncon Engineers Digital Land Survey And MappingSuncon Engineers Digital Land Survey And Mapping
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