Township, Industrial & Building

Shrivardhan Municipal Council: Preparation of City Development plan for Shrivardhan Municipal Council under UIDSSMT


Project Location : Shrivardhan


Name & Address of Client : Chief Officer, Shrivardhan Municipal Council, Shrivardhan


Narrative Description of Project :

Introduction to City Development plan, Demography & Land Use, Spatial Growth & Planning Efforts, Sector wise Existing & Proposed Development of Infrastructural Facilities such as Water supply, Underground Sewerage Scheme, Storm water drains, Solid Waste Management, Fire services & Street Lighting, Urban Transport, Services for poor etc., Consolidated Development issues, City Vision, Municipal Finance & Financial Operating plan.


Actual Services provided by Suncon:

  • Introduction to City Development plan
    • Study & Analysis of Brief profile of the city, Regional setting, Physiography, Climate, Civic Administration, Connectivity Pattern, City specific Characteristics, Objective of CDP, Scope of CDP & CDP Process.
  • Demography & Land Use
    • Study & Analysis of Population, Population projection, Gender ratio, Literacy rate, Work Force Participation, Existing & Proposed Land Use Pattern, Administrative Wards & Proposed Distribution of Population in the SMC limit.
  • Spatial Growth & Planning Efforts
    • Growth of Shrivardhan, Existing Planning Sectors & distribution of population & previous planning efforts.
  • Sector wise Existing & Proposed Infrastructural Development
    • Water Supply System
      • Source, Availability of Water, Raw water Transmission, Raw water Pumping, Water Treatment Plant, Pure water Transmission, Reservoirs, Distribution System, System Coverage, Performance indicator & Demand-gap Assessment, Institutional & Financial Aspects, Water Demand & Metering System, Proposed scheme for areas, Abstract of Water supply Project cost under UIDSSMT.
    • Underground Sewerage Scheme
      • Existing Sewerage scheme & Coverage, Existing & Proposed Collection systems, Existing & Proposed pumping stations, rising mains up to the Sewage Treatment plant, its processing, Performance indicator & Demand gap Assessment, Abstract of Sewerage project cost under UIDSSMT.
    • Storm Water Drain
      • Existing Situation, Proposals & Abstract of Storm water project cost under UIDSSMT.
    • Solid Waste Management
      • Introduction of Solid Waste Management, Generation of Solid Waste, Collection of Waste, Employees for Collection & Disposal, Vehicle availability for collection & disposal, Dumping sit & Treatment facilities, Problem identification & issues, Abstract of Solid Waste Management project cost under UIDSSMT.
    • Fire services & Street Lightings
      • Existing conditions & proposals, Abstract for fire services & Street lightings cost under UIDSSMT.
    • Urban Transport
      • Introduction, Regional Network Linkage, Internal communication, Existing Road lengths by their categories, Accident data per year, Identification of Accident spots, Problem identification, Abstract of Urban Transport Project cost under UIDSSMT.
    • Services for Poor
      • Introduction, Slums in Shrivardhan, Housing shortage, Infrastructure situation of Slums in Shrivardhan, Conclusion, Abstract of Services for poor project cost under UIDSSMT.
  • Consolidated Development Issues
    • Issues related to above infrastructural facilities & Priority wise development of the infrastructures under UIDSSMT.
  • City Vision
    • Sectoral mission for vision 2040, SWOT Analysis, Development of Shrivardhan as a Tourist place.
  • Municipal Finance
    • Introduction, Budgeting, Revenue receipts, Comparison of Revenue receipts of SMC with other ULB’s, Revenue Expenditure, Capital receipts, Comparison of Financial pattern in SMC with other ULB’s, Capital Expenditure.
  • Financial Operating Plan
      • General, Goal of Capital Investment Plan, Summary of Estimated sector wise Capital.