Irrigation & Dam allied work

Barvi Water Supply Scheme… Raising Height of barvi Dam and Appurtenant works… Appurtenant works for execution of Emergency Action Plan of Barvi River.


Project Location: Addl. Ambernath (East), Mumbai


Name & Address of Client : Executive Engineer, MIDC Barvi Dam Division, Addl. Ambernath.


Narrative Description of Project : Preparation of Emergency Action plan for Barvi River.


Actual Services provided by Suncon:

  • Study of Emergengy Action plan of BARVI RIVER.
  • Calculation of ward wise population projection & densities for year 2001, 2009, 2025 & 2040.
  • Collection of list of existing Hotels, Guest houses, Hostels, Training centers, Hospitals etc. & their present & future water demands.
  • Collection of existing water supply connections & their rates.
  • Study of Agreement with Water Resources Department for 9 MLD Existing Scheme.
  • Laboratory test on Raw Water Sample Test Report of River near MIDC Bridge.
  • Calculation of Projected water demand, Reservoir wise water requirement calculation for Present, Intermediate & Ultimate stage.
  • Drawings & Estimate for Head Works.
  • Design of Connecting Main from intake well to jack well.
  • Adequacy Calculation for Design of Gravity Mains.
  • Economical Design, Estimate & L-Section for Raw Water Rising Main.
  • Design & Estimate of Pure Water Pumping Machinery.
  • Design, Estimate & drawing of Conventional WTP and Its Allied Works.
  • Economical Design, Estimate & L-Section for Pure Water Rising Main.
  • Estimate of Ultrasonic Water Meter.
  • Design, Estimate & drawing of Distribution system by LOOP software with varying diameters from 100 mm to 200 mm.
  • Financial pattern of the scheme is formulated.
  • Total Annual Burden, cost of water per 1000 lit., Calculation of Proposed water connections & their rates for preparation of Revenue collection statement is studied.