National Highway Division Hubli-Consultancy Services for conducting fesibility study and preparation of detailed project report for construction of nargund and navalgund By0pass on NH-218, bijapur- Hubli section in Karnataka


Project Location : Hubli, Karnataka


Name & Address of Client : Executive Engineer, National Highway Division, Vishweshwar Nagar,


Narrative Description of Project :

  • Length of Bypass- about 20km
  • Detail Project Report
  • Feasibility report


Actual Services provided by Suncon:

  • Alignment survey
  • Topographic Surveys and establish Benchmarks
  • Traffic Studies
  • Socio - Economic survey as per IRC: SP-19-2001
  • Preparation of Strip Plan
  • Benkelman Beam Test for any existing portion
  • Pavement Roughness by bump Integrator
  • Inventory and condition survey of road, bridges and culverts for any existing portion
  • Environment Impact Study, Resettlement and rehabilitation action plan
  • Soil and Material Surveys
  • Drainage studies
  • Load and Pavement Design with Tests (CBR, And Other Soil tests
  • Hydrological calculations
  • Trail pits for each Culverts
  • Geotech and Sub surface exploration at bridges as per IRC-78
  • Alignment plan, Longitudinal and cross sectional plan
  • Land Acquisition plan (Estimates to be based upon Revenue dept.
  • Preparation of land plans and utilities re-location plan
  • Identification of Suitable Lay-Bay, Toll Plaza, Truck Parking & wayside amenities
  • Preparation of DPR as per IRC:SP: 19
  • To conduct economic analysis
  • Preparation of BOQ and Estimates of current SOR