How Innovation Technology And Ideas In Design Of Storm Water Drains Could Resolve Problems Of Flood Prone Cities.


Innovation technology in storm water drainage design to resolve problems of flooding of cities adjoining to sea shore with few natural primary drains.

Thoothukudi(Tamil Nadu-India) is a port town situated in the Gulf of Mannar about 125 km (78 mi) North of Kanya-Kumari and its environs form part of the coastal belt which forms a continuous stretch of the flat country relieved here and there by small rockout crops. Thoothukudi is a Municipal Corporation having spread of about 9000 ha area. It has outside catchment area of about 10000ha draining towards the city. It has very flat terrain so flooding issues occur during continuous heavy rains in the entire catchment. The city has only 2 main drains viz. Upparu River flowing through its southern part and a constructed buckle canal flowing through the heart of the city and having total catchment area of over 6000 ha.In addition to these two main drains one stream called as Periapallam is flowing on the northern boundary of the city.

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