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About Suncon Engineers


Suncon Engineers Private Limited is a leading and one of the best Consultancy ​companies in Pune. We also have all the in-house expertise from skilled manpower to technologically advanced tools and equipments to carry Soil Testing and Soil Investigation, Structural Design, Project Feasibility Study Report, Hydraulic Design etc. services.

Suncon Engineers is a fast growing multidisciplinary consultancy organization engaged in the areas of Civil Engineering and Construction Project Management Consulting services in various sectors like Highways, Bridges, Urban and Regional Planning, Buildings, Water Resources, Water and Waste Water, Irrigation, Railways, Environmental Studies.

The dedicated team of 50+ professionals of Suncon Engineers offers a unique blend of experience, technical resources, procurement, techno-economic feasibility studies, engineering design, construction supervision, project management consultancy, land survey, institutional development, management information systems, financial management and training expertise. Suncon Engineers has to its credit over 150 projects in the areas of specialization and has served elite customers from India and abroad. To know more about our past works refer projects section. Suncon Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is headquartered at Pune, Maharashtra. Whereas other 2 branch offices are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

We have experienced competent and dedicated professionals in various disciplines. Our in-house knowledge and skills enable us to understand all aspects of the project development allowing us to offer innovative services and solutions to our clients, meeting their project and business objectives. We have an enviable position for quality and adherence to schedule and deliver ourselves on offering a strong commitment to excellence in project delivery - on time, on budget.

Suncon Engineers evolves innovative designs using modern tools and follows quality control measures at all levels of operation. We respond creatively to project challenges. We have young and talented team members who have got dynamic experience in their respective fields.




SUNCON’s credentials combined with multifaceted skills translate into provision of services covering whole spectrum of highway development and management. Our understanding of highway engineering is unparalleled encapsulating all dimensions from planning to design and construction. We employ a multidisciplinary approach to projects, providing comprehensive highway engineering solutions. We are driven by a commitment to excellence and proving the best of services to our clientele.


SUNCON’s expertise includes:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Alignment / Route Selection
  • Engineering Land Surveys and Soil Investigations
  • Functional and Detailed Highway / Roadway Design
  • Highway Facilities Design
  • Cost estimation
  • Construction Supervision
  • Highway Maintenance Management
  • Highway Safety Studies
  • Project Management Consulting.




Traffic & Transportation Departments at Suncon Engineers handles independent assignments as well as renders an able support to the sister departments such as highway design and others. Independently, the department has ably provided services in the areas of comprehensive Traffic and Transportation Planning, Terminal Designs and Regional Transportation Studies. At the same time, and in parallel, it has been participating in the multi-focus regional transportation studies by providing the required input including the conduct of surveys, data analysis, interpretation, traffic forecast, economic and financial analyses. It is single most important department in the company providing roadmap of growth for rest of the department with a stronger team and many more independent as well as multi-sectoral assignments.


Adoption appropriate technologies including use of:

  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Geographic information systems
  • Travel demand modeling
  • Transport Economics
  • Financial planning
  • Parking studies
  • Traffic safety studies
  • Traffic impact assessment
  • Traffic management strategies
  • Bus lane planning and design




Suncon Engineers provides services covering architectural design, structural design, plumbing and firefighting services, infrastructure planning, landscaping, Preparation of tender documents, pre-tender and post-tender services for the valued clients and also provides procurement assistance, construction supervision, quality control and assurance at construction stage with total Project Management Consultancy Services. We have always provided most cost effective solutions with the use of latest technology and materials.

SUNCON cover the following service areas:
  • Structural Design & Detailing
  • Construction/ Maintenance Supervision
  • Subway Planning and Design
  • Engineering Surveys
  • Hydrological Studies
  • Design of Safety and Access Control Barriers
  • Earth and Water Retaining Structures




Suncon Engineers undertakes investigations and project feasibility studies, integrated design services, project management and technical support related to bill of quantities for signals and telecommunications for new railway projects and rehabilitation and modernization of existing railways systems. The challenge is to create cities with balanced transportation systems that are both environmentally and economically sound. SUNCON has started to help to make that happen, and another of its continuing priorities of the firm is its contribution to safe, available and efficient transportation by railways.


SUNCON offers the following railway Works:

  • Final Location Survey (DPR).
  • Preliminary Engineering cum Traffic Survey (DPR).
  • Reconnaissance Engineering cum Traffic Survey (DPR).
  • Economic and feasibility analysis Railways, terminals and yard layouts




Suncon Engineers has a strong team of experts, in water and waste water sectors. We have long proven experience in this sector starting with route survey, population projection, water demand assessment, pipeline design with various alternatives, pump house design with correct pump selection, piping and instrumentation diagrams, preparation of construction drawings and specifications for entire water supply and drainage works. We also offers services of tender preparation, evaluations, site supervision, project management consultancy and quality control in this sector.


SUNCON covers the following service areas:

  • Environmental and Social Screening
  • Environmental Impact Assessment, formulate policies and mitigation measures
  • Ecological Assessment
  • Environmental Management Plan
  • Independent Environmental Review
  • Watershed Development
  • Environmental Training Programs
  • Management Information System and Geographical Information System
  • Environmental Construction Supervision




Activities in the field of Hydrology and hydraulics in SUNCON started as part of Highway planning and design works for cross-drainage structures and longitudinal drains. Later on during last five years the activities have been expanded in the field of Water-shed Management, Agriculture and Irrigation, Water Supply, Municipal Engineering and Hydro-power.


SUNCON covers the following service areas:

  • Hydrological analysis for planning & design of CD structure and longitudinal drainage in highways
  • Land Survey, Investigation, Data Collection and Water Availability Studies
  • Planning, design and execution of water supply, sewerage and drainage in plains and hills.
  • Planning, design & execution of canal and drainage works for Irrigation
  • Water-shed development planning & designs
  • Planning, design, construction supervision and QA/QC for Dam and related structure.




Manpower Resources

Suncon Engineers has well qualified professional and sub-professional staff enhanced by experienced project engineers with specialization in various disciplines. Most of the professional staff possess advanced degrees and have registration with relevant professional societies. The staffing pattern encompasses managers , geotech engineers, planners, structural designers, quantity surveyors, land surveyors, economists and project management consultants in allied engineering fields. The professionals are supported by the competent staff in computer aided drafting, system analysis and computer programming.


SUNCON employs about 50+ full time personnel in four offices in India. SUNCON through its experience of more than a decade has acquired capabilities to undertake projects in different disciplines of architectural, civil and structural engineering, highway and bridge engineering, transportation planning, urban and town planning, water and drainage engineering, survey and geo-technical engineering, procurement assistance, pre-tender and post tender services, construction supervision and construction project management services. To more about skilled and experienced team members refer our staff section. To know more about current job openings, refercareers section.

Computers and software


We have more than 40 total computers with networking environments in all our offices. The servers, up to date PCs and mass scale printing and production facilities are available in all our offices. 


SUNCON has available, over 10 software packages, which include most modern software for GIS applications, statistical/econometric modeling and correlation, word processing, presentations, and engineering design & drawing.