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Shrivardhan Municipal Council: Preparation of Detailed Project Report of Water Supply for Shrivardhan Municipal Council under UIDSSMT


Project Location : Shrivardhan Distr: Raigad, Maharashtra


Name & Address of Client :

Chief Officer, Shrivardhan Municipal Council Taluka - Shrivardhan, District –Raigad.


Narrative Description of Project :

Study & Analysis of General, Physiography, Rainfall & Climate, Population, Present condition of Storm Water Drain & Need for proposed Storm Water Project, Soil Characteristics, Ground Water Table & Topography, Methodology adopted, Design Parameters, Design Procedure, Statistical information & Present Scenario of Storm Water Drain, Specifications for drains & CD works, Cost of the scheme, Financial pattern of the scheme, Implementation Schedule & phasing of Expenditure, Annual burden.


Actual Services provided by Suncon:

  • Study of existing water supply scheme of SMC.
  • Existing domestic population & population projection by Arithmetical, Geometrical & Incremental increase method up to year 2040.
  • Calculation of ward wise population projection & densities for year 2001, 2009, 2025 & 2040.
  • Collection of list of existing Hotels, Sanatorium, Guest houses, Hostels, Training centers, Hospitals etc. & their present & future water demands.
  • Collection of existing water supply connections & their rates.
  • Calculation of Residing Floating population living in Bungalows, flats, row houses, hotels etc. & non-residing floating population & their ward wise distribution.
  • Laboratory test on raw water sample of Dam.
  • Calculation of Projected water demand, Reservoir wise water requirement calculation for Present, Intermediate & Ultimate stage.
  • Repairs at Existing WTP & proposal of compound wall, Approach road, lightings etc. for WTP premises.
  • Design, Estimate & drawing of proposed 10 mld conventional WTP, having pure water sump, Chlorine contact tank.
  • Design, Estimate & L-SECTION drawing of pure water gravity mains feeding different reservoirs of DI-K-7 pipeline with varying diameters from 100 mm to 400 mm with varying lengths from 90 m to 2060 m.
  • Economical Design, Estimate & L-SECTION drawing of pure water rising main of 300 mm dia. DI K-7 line.
  • Design & Estimate of Automation of water supply system.
  • Financial pattern of the scheme is formulated.
  • Total Annual Burden, cost of water per 1000 lit., Calculation of Proposed water connections & their rates for preparation of Revenue collection statement is studied.