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Lonavala Municipal Council: Preparation of Detailed Project Report of Water Supply System for Lonavala Municipal Council under UIDSSMT


Project Location : Lonavala Distr: Pune, Maharashtra


Name & Address of Client : Chief Officer, Lonavala Municipal Council, Lonavala

District -Pune


Narrative Description of Project :

Study & Analysis of General, Configuration & Strata, Climate, Population, Rate of water supply & Daily water requirement, Present water supply arrangement, Need for formulation of New scheme, Proposed scheme, Cost of the scheme, Per capita cost of the scheme, Financial pattern of the scheme, Annual burden, Cost of the water per 1000 lit., Revenue Collection.


Actual Services provided by Suncon:

  • Study of existing water supply scheme of LMC.
  • Existing domestic population & population projection by Arithmetical, Geometrical & Incremental increase method up to year 2040.
  • Calculation of ward wise population projection & densities for year 2001, 2009, 2025 & 2040.
  • Collection of list of existing Hotels, Sanatorium, Guest houses, Hostels, Training centers, Hospitals etc. & their present & future water demands.
  • Collection of existing water supply connections & their rates.
  • Calculation of Residing Floating population living in Bungalows, flats, row houses, hotels etc. & non-residing floating population & their ward wise distribution.
  • Study of Agreement between LMC & TATA Hydro electric power supply company ltd. & Study of Agreement between LMC & Central Railway.
  • Laboratory test on raw water sample of Valvan Dam.
  • Calculation of Projected water demand, Reservoir wise water requirement calculation for Present, Intermediate & Ultimate stage.
  • Design & Estimates of Raw water Pumping Machinery.
  • Economical Design, Estimate & L-SECTION drawing of Raw water rising main of 400 mm dia. DI K-9 pipeline having length 2750 m & discharging 10 mld water.
  • Repairs at Existing WTP & proposal of compound wall, Approach road, lightings etc. for WTP premises.
  • Design, Estimate & drawing of proposed 10 mld conventional WTP, having pure water sump, Chlorine contact tank.
  • Design, Estimate & L-SECTION drawing of pure water gravity mains feeding different reservoirs of DI-K-7 pipeline with varying diameters from 100 mm to 400 mm with varying lengths from 90 m to 2060 m.
  • Design, Estimate & typical drawing of connections for proposed Service Reservoirs with varying capacities from 1 lakh to 11 lakh lit. Total proposed capacity of reservoirs is 25 lakh lit.
  • Design & Estimate of pure water pumping machinery of 20 HP centrifugal pumps having discharging capacity of 36.48 lps against the total head of 27 m & 3 HP pumps having discharging capacity of 5.86 lps against the total head of 21 m.
  • Economical Design, Estimate & L-SECTION drawing of pure water rising main of 300 mm dia. DI K-7 line of 860 m length.
  • Design, Estimate & drawing of Distribution system by LOOP software with varying diameters from 100 mm to 350 mm DI-K-7 pipe of 50820 m length.
  • Design & Estimate of Automation of water supply system.
  • Financial pattern of the scheme is formulated.